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“Our daughter has worked with many therapists with varying levels of experience, and Heidi remains the standard against whom we judge them all.  She quickly developed strong rapport with a daughter who is extremely reticent around strangers, she perceived the developmental needs of that daughter, and she expertly implemented a treatment plan that began the process of overcoming her challenges.  No other occupational therapist has matched Heidi, yet.  Our daughter enjoyed Heidi so much, she never even knew she was in therapy, and never made more rapid progress.”

~ K. R.
Heidi was an amazing resource and support for both myself and my family. Working/playing with Heidi helped our daughter develop her language skills, build her confidence, and become a remarkably social, secure, happy, little girl.  And she loved her time with Heidi! When Heidi met her, our daughter was no longer verbal (she had words then lost them), was unable to focus and sit still to accomplish fine motor tasks and was frustrated by her inability to communicate. After a few months with Heidi she re-developed a small vocabulary and was able to successfully communicate with us.  After 6 months she was talking in multiple word sentences, able to communicate with almost anyone, was able to sit still for extended periods of time and to complete fine motor tasks. What is most important is that our daughter is confident, brave and happy.  We owe a great deal of that ​to her time with Heidi.

 ~ LSE, mother of a 3 1/2 year-old
  My son started working with Heidi when he was 3. He had a very small attention span when we started and was very impulsive. Heidi helped him build focus which was a critical step towards being a good learner. Heidi is extremely imaginative and creative, more so than other therapists I have worked with. She creates fun pretend play scenarios around all activities – jumping on a bungee swing was turned into a trip to the moon, collecting moon rocks and seeing other planets. This really helped my son build play skills, especially with regard to ideation and imagination. Heidi is very patient and loves being with kids. She genuinely cares for the kids she works with and understands that each child is unique. My son really looked forward to seeing her as she was able to make each session fun, while at the same time gently working on building his skills. She had a major impact on my son being able to regulate himself better and engage socially, which are essential life skills.
We have since moved to another state and I had to switch 3 therapists before I found one I like almost as much as I liked Heidi.

~ Anonymous
Heidi worked with my 8 year old daughter who has various characteristics of Sensory Processing Disorder. I found her very knowledgeable, professional, warm and caring and she was terrific with communicating goals and progress. My daughter loved Heidi and she always looked forward to going.  It was a pleasure working with her.